Virtual Assisstant - Print and Mail Letters For Real Estate Company


Job Description


This is a part-time position and must be in the United States, or you won't be able to mail the letters.

We are sending letters to Estates (Probates) once per week in Kansas City.
We are starting with one KC County and then expanding to 5 to 10 counties in different cities as soon as we see how it works and get an efficient system going.

To start, it maybe as little as 8 letters or up to 20 per week. We can talk about a minimum charge for small quantity.
You will be emailed a mail merge ready, excel data base each week or have access to a online contact manager called
Must have a decent printer, (prefer laser) ideal candidate can print on the envelopes, but will accept labels if need be.

You will be provided with quality stationary, envelopes, clear labels and stamps. We want letters to look as personal as possible. No postal meter or window envelopes etc.

If you are good on the phone and have some Real Estate experience, there would be some additional duties like returning calls etc. Would need to be able to make long distance calls to various US cities.

Base Hourly Rate plus at least a $100.00 commission for each house we close on. The more duties you can perform the better the commission will be.

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