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1. when i chage the passwrd in the config file it does not work

2. on the log in page if you type in the wrong user name or password it takes you to this page


it should be this page



3. new letter manager needs to be fixed


4. manage pages needs to be fixed
Affilates. Terms Of Uses, Privacy & Policy, Advertise With Us, Contact us


5. when click on world wide is not showing world wide


6. these need to be checked and fixed

embed video Video Link:

Upload Video:

Upload Audio:


7. the tabs on the right side of the page has white type in google chrom i want it to be in white type in IE8 and fire fox to


8. after you get this done please test the site and make sure every thing is working right then send me a message and i will test the site


9. and look at the screen shots


10. if you can do this in a timely matter then there is a bonce in it for you


Skills: video, test

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