vTiger SMSNotifier Configure Customized SMS Gateway Android SMS Gatway

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Job Description

This project has changed slightly.

This project is focuses only on configuring an Android phone as a SMS gateway for vTiger.

vTiger: we want to send SMS through an Android we have. This requires adding a new SMS Gateway to vTiger (a custom), and configuring our Android to be an SMS Gateway (either remotely configure Android or provide instructions).

Instructions about this task from vTiger wiki (https://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/SMSNotifier_Module OR VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/SMSNotifier_Module#Video_Tutorial)

If you have planning to use SMS service provider and don't find the connector to it, you will need to write one.

SMSNotifier module defines ISMSProvider (modules/SMSNotifier/ext/ISMSProvider.php) interface which should be implemented by your custom provider.

A template sample provide is available at: modules/SMSNotifier/ext/providers/MyProvider.php.sample

Also look at ClickATell provider implementation: modules/SMSNotifier/ext/providers/ClickATell.php

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