Initial Site and Business Logic

Initial Site and Business Logic


Job Description

1. DNN

a. Develop DNN pages and prototypes of all the necessary DNN modules to support the process of generating a Quick Quote as illustrated on the ‘Quick Quote’ tab of the Visio diagram ‘VSC Process.vsd’ in the Dropbox Requirements folder.

b. Place all DNN module projects inside the VS solution under the \Web\DNN solution folder.

c. Assume that all interaction with core business logic happens through WCF services present in the Services project present under the \Web\Services folder of the solution.

i.Feel free to add operation (method) stubs to the appropriate service classes.

1.In doing so, always use a request/response class model for each operation except in the simplest of cases.

d.Assume that that core business logic will perform all calculations and 3rd party service calls. Keep as much logic in the BLL as possible.

2.BLL VIN Engine

a. Build out the classes and logic needed for calling VINLink in the VINEngine class in the BLL folder of the Core project in the solution, adding any necessary service reference.

b. We want to store the complete response from VINLink based on the 10 digit VIN pattern as the key.

c. Logic should look to our database first, calling VINLink and storing the pattern and data as needed. Reference the ‘VIN Decode v2’ tab of the file ‘VSC Process.vsd’, ignoring the class code query for the moment.

3.BLL Entity classes

a.If time allows, fill in the class shells with properties corresponding to fields in the corresponding entity table of the ‘True Test Draft Database.accdb’ Access database where there is a match. Use best judgement.

Code to interfaces as much as possible without going overboard.

If not familiar with Entity Framework Code First development, read this article:

Skills: .net, quality-assurance