SEO Audit for travel sites

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Job Description

Why do we need an audit?
We have never conducted an audit and we do not currently have an SEO strategy or process for content on our sites.

We own two travel sites and several urls. The sites are and Our social media platforms are all linked to these two assets. We use google analytics to measure the traffic.

Our core digital strategy and purpose is to provide excellent travel information, sell magazine subscriptions and free edm sign ups.

What does success look from the audit?
We will have a clear understanding of:
• what is and what is not working on the sites
• where there are opportunities
• what is holding us back
• what we can fix easily and not so easily
• how we should change our processes to maximise the SEO potential of our content for the future
• how to measure our SEO success going forward, the tools and metrics
• a key pages rank and strategy

What format should the audit take
The audit structure is up to the individual freelancer but should include as a minimum:

• Summary of findings
• Technical strengths (if any) and weaknesses (if any)
• Content strengths (if any) and weaknesses (if any)
• Content recommendations
• Technical recommendations
• Ongoing tools and metrics
• Top 100 page and worst 100 pages