Developer wanted for personal training software that is also mobile


Job Description

The scope of the project is that we are creating a web based platform for trainers/gym owners to do the following.

1) Have clients access their workouts online and through their mobile device and tablet. (mac, PC, android, blackberry and iPhone compatible).

2) Create an easy to use and time saving workout/program builder that allows the trainer to quickly create and share workouts/programs with clients. This workout builder needs to have fields that the trainer can input data into such as exercise name, reps, rest, load, intensity. That way the trainer can customize the workout for the client. Each exercise used in the workout/program builder needs to be linked to a individual exercise video page to be mobile friendly (we have about 1,200 videos to be created). Perhaps a file creation and sharing function similar to a google spreadsheet/doc in Google Drive could be useful.

3) Private messaging between trainer and client that includes file sharing capabilities.

4) Password protected trainer login

5) Password protected client login

6) Ability for multiple trainers/gym owners to use this web based platform for their own clients on a monthly subscription basis through us.

7) Ability for each individual trainer/gym owner to upload their own videos from Youtube or Vimeo if needed.

8) Ability for the trainer/gym owner to custom brand this platform to match their own business brand (i.e. colours, logo, custom url)

9) Have shopping cart integration so the trainer/gym owner can collect funds through credit card or Paypal.

10) Ability for us to cancel a subscription of a trainer/gym owner and deny their access to this platform if billing issues arise.

11) Integration with Mindbody Online would be excellent.

12) A simple, clean and minimal design is critical. This platform needs to be easy to use, not require and plugins and be easy enough to use that no user manual would be needed.