Sun Storage 7110 Rebuild with Solaris OS


Job Description

Hello, we have 3 servers that have their Storage 7110 OS wiped, I created backups of the factory install for all 3 Sun 7110 servers. When I try to upgrade, the system crashes and hangs in the command line and refuses to boot to the default 2010 build of Sun Storage 7110, the errors I get are:

System update in progress.
Updating from: ak/nas@2010.,1-1.31
Updating to: ak/nas@2011.,1-1.28

Cloning active datasets .cannot open 'system/ak-nas-2010.': dataset does not exist
cannot open 'system/ak-nas-2011.': dataset does not exist
akinit: couldn't mount /etc/svc
Entering debugging shell (exit to reboot)

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