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Join our transcription team


Job Description

I’m looking to take on a new transcriber for a long-term association. A quick and easy way to start is to ask you to type the corrected version of each sentence below. Hint: the location name is wrong in No. 1. (I ask transcribers to research absolutely every name no matter how simple.) Please insert a semicolon in the correct place in No. 2 along with any other necessary changes. Do not delete any words in No. 3. People sometimes speak that way for emphasis. I am interested in seeing how you correct that sentence. No. 5 requires some simple Google research. There are commas missing between independent clauses in two of the sentences.

1. The Conference will be in Ann Harbor, Mich and two of our newest Managers will attend alot of the sesions.

2. We will leave at 7.00 am, we should arrive after lunch and we’ll stay for 3 days.

3. I intend to have a appetiser and a salad and a stake and a sunday before i start my diet tomorow

4. You’ll recieve you’re instructions today but the others will get there’s on thusday.

5. Milon Cothari was interviewed at the Loo Institut for Globel Issues on Wensday.

In your response, please indicate your typing speed and what type of headphones and foot pedals you use as well as your availability during the week and on the weekends. Although it is usually not required, I need to know if you can transcribe an hour of audio in 24 hours.

I’ve posted my listing at $21.00 which is the beginning rate to transcribe one hour of audio. I start new transcribers at $0.35 per audio minute, and the rate goes up with improvement. I always provide feedback on assignments so that we can quickly get on the same page. I proofread everything to audio, and as I need to make fewer corrections, I will raise your rate.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have before you submit your sentences.

I would love to give a response to everyone who applies, but I’ll only be able to contact those who do an excellent job with the corrections. If you are one of those, I will ask you to do a three-minute transcription test.

Thank you in advance for your interest.