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I need someone to find me a engineer's or architect's drawing, stamped, that shows a precedent for a conversion of a family room ceiling to cathedral type, closely resembling my case. The family room whose ceiling I want to convert from standard flat to cathedral was once an attached garage .it's on a concrete slab. the dimensions of the room are 10' 2 1/2 by 18. the ceiling joists are standard spf 2x8s running the 18 foot direction,16 inches on center. the roof peak is 2 feet off center, 8 feet above the 8 foot existing ceiling so 16 feet high the room is attached along the 18 foot side.
I propose to swing the joists from the short end up to the midpoint thus creating a thin triangular truss on one side, about 11 feet by 2 feet by a little over 11.
the rafters are also 2x8's, with plywood deck and asphalt architectural shingles on that.
I need something to confirm that the new arrangement will be strong enough for new england. Plywood webbing can be added to the truss. I don't know how to post my rough sketch and photos of existing here. Me getting the job depends on rapid turn a round, so I'm looking for ASAP results