SEM/SEO specialist

SEM/SEO specialist


Job Description

I am looking for somebody good to do SEO/SEM for my website. If you are successful, I will give you more websites to do and the contract will continue.

We are building the ranking of a dating website ( and are in need of very high quality article writers (various dating topics) and link building.

This will be a self directed and long term project. For this position we expect the professional to know how to build quality links.

Since you are the expert, please tell me what you will do exactly to drive traffic to my site and increase the organic ranking on google.

Need our website ranked #1 asap for Dating service and Matchmaker.

Any articles posted with links to our website need to meet the following criteria and we need to review and approve before they are posted. I will want regular/weekly updates with your progress.

- About various dating topics
- at least 750 words or more
- Should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion
- Relevant to dating in the us
- Should be posted to a relevant and reputable blog/pr/article site
- contain a link to our website
- Follow similar writing style as other blogs on our site currently

This can become an ongoing monthly ($200/mo) opportunity for the right individual with proven results.

If interested, tell me exactly what you are going to do in order to generate backlinks and everything else to get us ranked higher.

We're looking for an SEO Professional to help us with several ongoing projects. We're looking to build longterm (multiyear) relationships with the best providers.

Links should:
- Always be related to the niche/category/theme we provide
- Always use the provided keywords as anchor text
- Ideally come from a .com, .org, or .edu extension
- Come from PAGES that have a Google Page Rank of at least 1 (PR1)
- Come from sites that have been cached by Google
- Come from sites that are hosted in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or other English speaking countries on Class C IP addresses.
- Come from sites that are in English
- Come from sites that do NOT expire within the next year (2011).
- Come from pages that do NOT already contain over 15 other links.
- Allow search engines to follow them (no nofollow tags, or hidden links)
- Come from sites that have been online for at least 1 year.
- Come from pages that are NOT hidden or excluded from being indexed by search engines
- Come from sites that are NOT SPAM sites or link farms
- Use title attributes in addition to anchor text.

All links must be created through Whitehat methods. Absolutely no spamming of any type will be tolerated.

You may not use automated link building software. You must build links by hand.

Please include examples of your work, references, and a brief overview of how and where you would acquire links.

I would expect several articles/Press releases/etc. to be sent out each month on related topics. Please explain to me what you would do and guarantee as well as the number of hours you would need at your hourly rate.

We look forward to working with you!
Thank you!

Skills: english

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