FileMaker Pro Expert needed: Wireframe and Development

FileMaker Pro Expert needed: Wireframe and Development


Job Description

This software is being developed for a pharmacy that visits clients at their home on a daily basis. A signature is required by the pharmacist and client on a daily basis. Currently a binder is carried with these papers. I want to have an Ipad application made with client profiles and ability to receive digital signatures as a core function created but would like other features integrated to streamline the job.

I will provide an outline of what I would like in the program including features and functions. It will be the your job to take the information and organize into wire frames and ultimately developed into a functioning application.

You must be experienced developer with excellent communication and organization skills. Ability to create wire frames and extensive knowledge of FileMaker Pro is a must.

If interested please provide a detailed outline of how you would take my software idea and create a functioning Ipad application.

Skills: ipad