Branding for Company that Sells Physical Products Online

Branding for Company that Sells Physical Products Online


Job Description

We are a small start-up company that buys everyday consumer products directly from manufacturers, brands them, and sells them to retail customers online. The products we sell range from barbecue accessories to fitness products.

I am looking for a branding expert to help me create a brand name, tagline, logo, product packaging ideas, and an "About Us" page. The brand name and logo will be printed on the products directly, such as on brush handles and fitness balls. The complete branding should fit with the overall company mission.

I'm looking for a knowledgeable, experienced professional who will complete the project within 5 days. As we are a start-up, we do have a limited budget, but we look for a long-term relationship as we introduce new products and need further branding expertise in the near-future. Please contact me with a fixed-price quote. Thank you.