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Hello everyone,
My book is a non-fiction travelogue where I travel around every brewery in Scotland in an old Dutch campervan called Brian. The book is called 'The Tea Leaf Paradox' with the subtitle 'Discovering beer in the land of whisky'. The image will need to work as a thumbprint as well as full-size. The key aspects of the book would be beer (craft beer, real ale etc, not corporate brands), Brian and Scotland. The reader should feel that they are riding along with Brian, discovering beer and Scotland as I make my way to remote locations and islands, visiting sixty breweries as we go. The book is not a technical guide or for reference purposes. Design must be suitable for Amazon Kindle upload.

***should include:
- The title, subtitle and author's name - Robert Middleton. Also things that, directly or indirectly, convey some or all of beer, campervan and Scotland.

- A beermat or pumpclip with Brian on it would be one suggestion for the central part of the image. An actual image of Brian, be it real or cartooned could be used plus something to suggest Scotland.

***should NOT include:
- Puns


Skills: design

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