Write about your country (in Asia)

Write about your country (in Asia)


Job Description

Dear all,

For thedailyroar.com I am looking for locals from Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia who like to write about their country.

What is thedailyroar.com about?

Get to know all special insights about food, travel, culture and lifestyle from countries in Asia written by locals. The daily roar will offer interesting updates every week. Since these articles are written by locals people will get the chance to get a unique view of the treasures in these countries.

On thedailyroar.com you can find all the interesting stories that are not only interesting for locals but also for people in Europe. We of The Daily Roar try give people from all over the world a unique peek inside the life of people in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or the Philippines. As a tourist it can be hard to find out about those special places that only locals know.

What should you do?

Write an article that contains at least 1 picture (original and taken by you) about a subject and consists of around 300 to 400 words. The article must be in proper English! (we will check for spelling/grammar flaws so don’t worry) The subject of the article must be related to your own country like famous local food/dishes, cultural events, lifestyle, travelling/must visit places etc. (for examples go to www.thedailyroar.com) Each article should also have at least one original picture added.

Please make your offer!