Wedding Suppliers from AU & NZ

Wedding Suppliers from AU & NZ


Job Description

You will need to research all existing directories, yellow pages, industry associations, supplier websites and other sources to obtain the list of "Wedding Suppliers" from Australia & New Zealand.

The list would need to be categorized into State, Region, Supplier type and would need to have the following fields at least: State, Region, Supplier type or category, website address, email address, Phone number, postal address, postcode.

Please answer the following questions, while making your proposal:

1) How much data you can submit for both the countries, if you extract from the various directories ??

2) How quickly you can submit the complete file ??

3) Can you extract the email address, if the supplier has their website listed in the directory ??

Few source, I would like to mention here:

Extract data by each "Category"

Extract data by each "Category"

Extract data by each "City". For ex. You can start with region "Auckland" and select all the categories at once will give you complete results for the city "Auckland" in all the categories. And then move on to the next region.

But you are open to extract from other source as well as.

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