Ergonomics assessment program/macro and Calorie calculator (basic) required

Ergonomics assessment program/macro and Calorie calculator (basic) required


Job Description

We need a really basic program that can compute required distances from monitor, keyboard, desk etc for ergonomics site.

The user would input their height and the rest of the distances would be worked out based on that.

I have found a very similar program running on another site and I will provide a link to it for your reference

What I would like is to have the same functionality as this - with metric and imperial measurement options available.

I will provide a new image for you to use as the basis for the program (I dont like the stick figure used in the example and it's boring!)

I will send this through to you when you need it (currently getting the image made up)

FORMULA: Obviously you need the figures and stats for each height variable, and unfortunately the only way I can suggest you get this data is to use the tool above and manually write down the various measurements for each height value (from 5" through to 6,4")

OK that is the first program/macro that we require.


We need a calorie burn calculator created that is basically a carbon copy of the following:

I would really love to have this one have the same style and feel as an iPad App might have (hopefully you know what I mean by that)
the example shown above is great in terms of functionality but it looks boring and lifeless. Can you make sure that you at least give the calorie counter a solid background and style it in that iApp style.


this is the actual working calorie calculator and all formulas that it is based on are listed as a reference underneath.
Failing this, again you will need to fill in your own variables and take not of the values presented.

Please clarify anything with me before moving forward so we are both on the same page with regards to look and functionality.

I would also like a rough estimate as to how many hours work this will involve

Skills: design