Real Estate Data Import Feed from Real Estate Databse

Real Estate Data Import Feed from Real Estate Databse


Job Description

Hello All,
I've got this project to start with... but more importantly I am looking to build a dynamic team of professional to build a powerful real estate database. This job starts with the completion of Python scripts to import real estate data from the Las Vegas GLVAR data feed. Primarily, the import scripts need additional work to get the data formatted and flowing consistently into the database (ie, reg expressions to clean up the data or accept it as text to get it into the database). As it is now, we are getting alot of NULLs where we know good data should be. Set up cron jobs to import data on an hourly basis. I need a good database guy on hand to maximize this feed and help me build more tools with the data.

Once the data is flowing we will start building some awesome tools to analyze and crunch the data for values and market stats that buyers and investors can use when buying or selling a home.

Common Issues:

MLS uses "lookups" in fields to provide a short code that translates to a longer text description, one field may have a few codes translating to more than one definition. The code needs to look for commas "," and break down the lookups within the field.
MLS carries property price in a number field with a comma, remove the comma to grab the full value.
MLS limits each grab to 5,000 records so we have a script that breaks it down by sequential date starting sometime around 1980 and moving to the present. We have about 30 fields that are critical to our function, much of the rest is secondary and could be brought in a text field to be sorted later, of even marked NULL if we had to.

If you are interested in the job, or more importantly, interested in becoming a part of our team tackling the bigger picture, please message me and lets talk. You know, real estate is important to a lot of people, and it is big business. You also might know that the data out there right now for everyday home buyers and sellers is terrible. There is a huge gap in the market here, and I have the ambition, knowledge and experience to lead the revolution. Join me.