Import QuickBooks inventory in .NET/C#

Import QuickBooks inventory in .NET/C#


Job Description

<span class="almostblack">Lokad Safety Stock Calculator (LSSC) is an inventory reporting application. LSSC is an open-source application developed in C# / .NET 2.0 / WinForm/ Visual Studio 2005.<br /><br />This job consists in implementing in C# a connector used to retrieve inventory data (which includes sales, stocks on hand, plus a few other fields) from QuickBooks into LSSC.<br /><br />LSSC has a small and simple framework to create such a connector (mostly inheriting a single abstract class named InventoryAdapterBase ). A complete tutorial is available at <br /> <br /><br />To be delivered <br />&bull; Summary that includes<br /> o The versions of QuickBooks that are supported by the connector.<br /> o The methods supported by the connector.<br />&bull; The QuickBooks files used for testing the connector.<br />&bull; The C# library that contains the connector implementation.<br /><br />We need people familiar with QuickBooks for this job.<br />The more supported QuickBooks versions you can support the better.<br /><br />Please indicate your experience with QuickBooks in our offer.</span>

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