Story creation for video games

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Job Description

I'd like to find a writer to help me create story lines and story ideas for video games. These will be short little stories, from 1 page or text to around 5 pages. Sometimes I'll have a story mapped out and sometimes I'll just have a setting and some characters (meaning most of the ideas will have to come from you). All of these projects are extremely fun. I'm looking for someone creative and who is great to work with.

My main requirement, other than amazing writing, is that these jobs be done in a timely manner. 90% of the people I work with across these outsource sites take forever to do even the most simple of jobs. Excuses don't work with me. Waiting weeks and even months for 1 page of text isn't acceptable. I'm very quick to fire when faced with this kind of nonsense. I need quick quality work.

The first project, that is well formed already, is a rush job. I have a couple of days at most to get that done. The rest of the projects will not be rush jobs like this one.

Thank you for considering my project. Have a wonderful day.

Skills: writing

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