Data Analyst/ Data Strategist

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Our company is looking for an individual that has the ability to look at numbers/ data and present to us their findings.

This person will be performing the following tasks.
* Look at a lots of data from multiple different platforms.
* Manage all data strategy for 3-5 clients.
* Create and present professional reports on what is happening
* Connect the dots between the data and what action steps should be taken on site.
* Prioritize the action items that need to be taken, based on data findings.
* Verbally report on the finding each week.
* Create dashboards, metrics and charts for clients.
* Provide feedback on how various marketing channels are performing.

Requirements Include:
* Expert with Google Analytics.
* Expert at understanding numbers and providing actionable recommendations.
* Strong communication skills.
* Strong verbal communication.
* Ability to format finding in a professional client facing document.
* Understanding about how marketing

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