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Job Description

Hi there,

Looking for an experienced designer to design a sales page for our new ebook. We are searching for a skilled professional that is able to combine their designer skills with marketing talent. We want the readers of the sales page to BE CAPTURED AND SOLD WITHIN THE FIRST GLANCE AT THE IT. This is very important to us. Therefore, possessing designer skills without marketing knowledge is not enough for us. We need a sales savvy individual that preferably has experience with designing SUCCESSFUL sales pages. Apply ONLY if you possess all of the following skills:

- Marketing of info products
- Use a design that pushes the reader to but the product
- Able to attract attention of the reader from the beggining
- Able to keep the attention of the reader all the way to the end
- Able to use your designing skill to provoke emotional response of the reader, and MAKE THEM BUY the product
- Able to communicate freely what exactly you need from our end to ensure efficiency
- Able to manage your time wisely and meet the deadline with the final copy of your work.
- Professionalism
- Communication
- Efficiency
- Availability

Attached is the teaser version of our ebook the full version contains more recipes, but is very similar to the teaser.

We are looking to hire the best candidate, please do not apply if you are in doubt that you can meet all of our requirements. We will review all the applications, by Friday, July 19th.

Thank you for your time,

Ivan and Ana

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