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Job Description

We have been using porta billing V19. It has mysql DB as backend to store all the data.
Billing has native SOAP APIS to create,update customers and accounts data.

We want to copy customers and Accounts data in other porta billing for redundancy, which has version V23. Both versions are compatible with each other.

Let me say our billing as billing1 and other billing as billing2.

we want to do the following:-
1.We want copy all the customers and accounts from billing1 to billing2.
2.Some times, new customers are created in billing1. We want to push them to billing2.
3.We pull some data like customer balances and CDRs from billing2 to billing1.

we want to make sure that data is sync all the time between these two billings.

I have attached detailed specifications for this project in the attached word document. You can use any language like php to integrate this XML APIs.

I can provide more information upon request.


Skills: billing

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