Interactive Kids Education Program

Interactive Kids Education Program


Job Description

Everybody wants a good education, even an early start, for his or her kids. Most education app out there are very very boring. I see my kids can spend hours on playing DS or Xbox but not minutes on homework or on-line education. I believe I have a way to change all these, and you can help me. Together, we may be able to launch something revolutionary!

First, you should have years experience of programming for iOS, Android, and maybe Windows Mobile environment.
Second, you need to be able to program highly interactive (not like MS Power Point style) application, and even with a back-end database.
Third, preferably, you can work by yourself, and you can solve any technical problem by using developer forums.

Motivated? Please contact me and list your skills along with how many years of experience and sample projects finished.

Thank you very much and looking forward to working with you!