Spaceship concept artist required for computer game

Spaceship concept artist required for computer game


Job Description

---Job description:---
A concept artist required to produce detailed space ship concepts for 3D Modelers to follow. A total of 18 ships must be drawn, blocked out (in a CAD program such as Google Sketchup if that helps, but it's not necessary), and painted up in Photoshop or a similar tool. Each ship must then be broken apart into several small sub-components and each of those must be similarly painted up for a total of 18 ships and 125 smaller components.

You will also have a degree of artistic control in this project as we'll discuss the ship designs before beginning work and welcome your expert suggestions and ideas.

---Specific requirement details:---
Artwork for a total of 6 alien races is required, with each alien race having 3 different sizes of ship (small, medium, and large) for a total of 18 ships. For each race, you must:
- Design a large ship in sections such as Engines, Weapons, and differently shaped hull parts. The design should reflect a visual theme for the alien race it belongs to based on a conversation with the game developer.
- The large ship should be composed of 25 unique sections/parts.
- Each section/part should be blocked out (use a CAD tool like Google Sketchup if that helps) and then painted over to give an indication of the texture and how you'd like it to look in our game.
- A medium and small ship should be designed using combinations of some of those 25 parts.
- Concept art of each of the ships (small, medium, and large), will have to be created by putting together the blocks and then painting over them.
- Each piece of concept art should show the ship or ship part/section from the top, the side, and from a 45 degree perspective (e.g. )
- For each race, you will be required to submit detailed concept art of the three sizes of ship, less detailed concept art for each of the 25 blocks, and any CAD blocks you used during the design process.

---Examples of the quality of work expected:---
The finished artwork is expected to be as close to this level of quality as possible:

---Deadline and Payment terms:---
- Exact terms will be specified by a signed contract, and work will be performed under a signed NDA.
- Payment can be negotiated per accepted piece of artwork and paid in individual milestones, or negotiated as a single figure and paid as one lump sum at the completion of the project.
- Applicants must be available to start work immediately and complete tasks quickly.

- You must have a portfolio of relevant work.
- You must be available to work immediately and complete the work by the deadline.