Need SCORM LMS built (Moodle?)

Need SCORM LMS built (Moodle?)


Job Description

We are looking to build an e-commerce, e-learning SCORM compliant LMS site. We really like Talent LMS (,) so if you can familiarize yourself with the layout and functionality of their LMS you will have a big head-start in knowing what we want. We like them so much that we would happily use their LMS, but we'd rather pay you instead to make us a similar LMS. Moodle is ok, but the look/design is important to us.

Here are the specific things we need:


Simple, responsive look with our logo (similar to Talent LMS)


Must be able to sign up as an individual user or an admin (with full access to reports, ability to add users and assign courses.)

Course Functionality:

Must play SCORM 1.2 courses (built in Captivate) and generate a report showing test results from courses (score and pass/fail.) Must be able to export/print reports from admin account. Must be able to auto-generate a certificate of completion with user name and course name that can be saved or printed.

Email Integration:

Need to have integrated emails that will alert admins when an account has been created or course has been completed, send users their test scores, etc. Would also like to remind them when it is time to take a new course.


Users must be able to buy "credits" for courses (i.e. can use their credits for any course) up front or be able to pay by invoice (allows them to add courses without paying, we settle up afterwards.)


We would like to be able to allow Admins to create different portals ("branches") which will have their own branding, but will still have a single admin.

If you have ANY questions, please research Talent LMS FIRST and many of your questions will be answered. We've compared a LOT of different LMS providers and Talent LMS comes very close to exactly what we want. We can answer more questions later via message.

Our initial offer is $1,000 for the contract, but our budget is higher than that and we are willing to pay more to get an awesome LMS that we can enjoy for years to come. We also have an LMS we are using currently which we can show you to help display some of the functionality we want.

Please include sample screenshots or links to past projects. We are looking for a top-notch developer on this project.