Copy Paste from Web Pages

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am looking to hire someone for a daily on-going project. The work consists of the following:

Once per day (morning or night)I will send you a spreadsheet that has about 20-50 links in it along with some additional info.

I need you to visit each link copy and paste the page content into a text file and add some very basic markdown formatting (extremely simple format.).

You can then send these text files back to me.

The process should take someone with moderate computer skills about an hour to complete. This work will be 7 days per week.

I will have more specific details on exactly how I need it done to the hired candidate but the basic steps are:

1. I send you spreadsheet (excel or Google Doc) every morning or night
2. You visit webpage via links in the spreadsheet
3. You copy the webpage content into text file
4. You add some basic meta data to the text file (some from the webpage and spreadsheet)
5. Format the content via simple markdown (headings and lists)
6. Name the text file with a specific but simple name (url style)
7. Send me back all 30-50 text files as a zip everyday/night

It is basically a manual scrapping process but it is not nefarious in any way and the content is totally appropriate and family safe.

Skills: typing, computer-literacy