Need US Equity (Stock) Research for Investment Purposes?

Need US Equity (Stock) Research for Investment Purposes?


Job Description

Who am I:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate seeking to apply quantitative finance knowledge derived from a finance-oriented degree and to utilize asset management, equity research, auction research, and business analysis experience in performing value add equity analysis and research presentation.

What I do:

- Provide equity buy/sell decisions using a value based investment thesis, multiple analysis and historical company events.

- Utilize technical analysis to optimize equity position entry or exit.


- I give buy/hold/sell recommendations for US equities across all sectors in a report format, explaining reasoning behind the recommendation.

- In your message be sure to inform me if the stock(s) you want researched are current holdings or potential holdings and your investment horizon.

- Contact me through my linkedin page or the email address on my resume.

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