iOS iPAD POS system app

iOS iPAD POS system app


Job Description

looking for someone who has worked on POS systems for IOS and want to see proof. Do NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE NOT ON WORKED ON SUCH THINGS.

We are looking to make an app for iPad which will have only 5 pages on customer side. The pages are main page which would include categories, products page, checkout page(where credit card processor will come into play), signature page, and thank you page.

The backend side would include this:
1. Login page
2. profile for account
3. orders page which would include the following:
a. pump associated with order AND grocery list
b. when we slide the order to the right, the order will be completed
c.there will also be a refund section and everything

There will be other backend sections such as adding inventory which details would be shared later.

another thing we want to use is Amazon Web Services so that's good if you know that.

Are looking for experienced and dedicated developers. post on here what you can do for us.

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