Job Description

We are seeking the next brilliant guru to join our team of innovative thinkers. We are building a next-generation network platform using Java and Javascript and looking for front-end developers that can work with Google Web Toolkit and Javascript to build a bigger and better program to for our customers. Successful candidates will have a passion for UI, knowledge of data-binding, MVC or MVVM, and the desire to work on the bleeding edge of the web. Knowledge of Javascript widget toolkits such as Dojo and ExtJS is also important.

The ideal candidate is not just a 9 to 5er but a flexible problem solver. We work hard but also play hard. By no means are we looking for a neurotic code-monkey, we want an individual who wants to jump in and be fully immersed into our unique company culture.

GWTK and Javascript Development 90%
Java server development 10%

Bachelor’s degree in related degree and/or or equivalent work experience required. MS preferred.
Extensive experience in: UI programming, Java, GWT, Javascript, Dojo
Knowledge of: SPAs, IndexedDB, backbone, Angular, jQuery, responsive design, CSS, HTML
Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Yrs of Experience
(ex. 3+ years )

Skills: mvc, design