Batch of 20 Unique 600 Word Articles Needed

Batch of 20 Unique 600 Word Articles Needed


Job Description

We are seeking high volume writers to compose batches of 600 word, researched, informative and high quality content. You must have the ability to complete the batches of 20 articles within 36 hours. The articles must be 100% unique in form and content. Plagiarism will forfeit all payments and lead to immediate termination of your contract. It is not tolerated. We would prefer applicants who have the skills to write on any topic that is given to them. The batches will consist of a variety of different topics that will be chosen for you. Never repeat the same sentence twice. We are looking for professionals that could possibly turn long-term.

***You must name each article with a unique name that includes more than the keyword. The batch must be sent to us in a ZIP file. You will be paid $2.00 per 600 word article, which equals $40.00 per 20 article batch. Payment is made on the 10th of each month for all work that was accepted in the previous month.

Skills: english, grammar