Job Description

We are planning on opening a dance studio / dance hall.
As such we are looking to design a versatile space.
Without unnecessary extravagance, we wish to create an atmosphere of luxury in a relaxing environment.


The space is already divided into 5 different rooms (see plan A).
Rooms 1 and 2 will be merged into one room called Event Room (see plan B).
The 4th room with no common wall with the Event Room will be called the "Meeting Room" and it should be convertible from a dance studio to a meeting room on a moment notice. It should be able to accommodate up to 50 people.

Option 1:
The Event Room will be limited to the space gained by merging the original Rooms 1 and 2.

Option 2:
Two of the rooms adjacent to the Event Room will be merged with the Event Room during large events but remain independent through separation by acoustic air walls (sound proof) during day time. The airwalls will be folded from the top so that the Event Room (when fully open) will not bear any rails or marks of the separations on the dance floor. Similarly, the ceiling design, under this option, should be done in such a way that it will look seamless when the Event Room is fully open but not weird when the space is divided into three separate rooms.


I think the total height of the space is about 16 ft but with all the piping and the A/C ducting, the ceilings will drop to only about 13-14 ft-high. The feeling of much space above users' heads is important to us so we want to design the space to emphasize height of the ceilings.

All the rooms will have wooden or wooden-like dance floors from wall to wall.
All rooms will have mirrors on at least one wall. With the option to hide them depending on the rooms' use.
All rooms will have a sound system, hopefully mostly hidden in the ceiling.
Ceiling fans may be added to each room (as long as it does not interfere with the height of the ceiling and the general esthetics of the space).

Due to the fact that there are many big windows on the outside walls and most rooms have at least one such wall, I think that the use of curtains/draperies will be necessary.

The Meeting Room will also need a screen for video screening and the video equipment. The screen must be invisible during the use of that room as dance studio. Reciprocally, the mirrors will have to be hidden during the time this room is used as a meeting room.


The existing restrooms are typical commercial building restroom with stalls.
We may have to redo them to match the overall look of the place.
Additionally we thing that adding at least one shower for each side (one for men and one for women) would be an additional positive feature of the place. We may also need lockers.

We would like to know what other info you may need so you can give us an estimate for your artistic design.

Thank you in advance

Best regards