NetSuite Items posted to different Accounts

NetSuite Items posted to different Accounts


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If your firm is successful, this may also lead to other projects in the future. If this is not a fit for your company, if you could provide me with any recommended companies, that would be truly appreciated too.

NetSuite Project - posting sale of Items to certain Accounts, based on criteria in saved search

For this project, we require the following:

1) a way to automatically reflect the first Item sold to each existing customer as “New” [and post to an Income account called "New Item Sales (existing customers)"] and all subsequent orders of the same item by the same customer as “Renewals” [implied to be existing customers].

2) NetSuite (NS) has the "New Business" KPI, however it would work well to also allow for those sales for new customers to post to an account called "New Customer Sales". The Income Account at the Item level only allows for one choice, and ideally the above could happen, so that the Income Statement could show Revenues (or Sales) lines like:

New Customer Sales

New Item Sales (to existing customers)

Renewal Sales

Here's some comments that may be helpful:

Start with Item Listing

Filter on Items sold (via invoice) by each Customer, and

a) if a customer has already been sold (via an invoice) an Item in the past, then show new sales of that Item on a Renewal Sales by Item SS

b) if an existing customer has not been sold (via an invoice) an Item in the past and it now shows on the invoice, show that on a New Item Sales SS.

c) if a new customer is sold any Items, show those on a New Customer Sales SS.

If the above could be scripted and coded back into the transactions above on an automatic basis, that would be ideal.

If you have any questions or require further information, please let me know.