Friends in Buddha Dharma

Friends in Buddha Dharma


Job Description

Hello everyone!

Our organization is named Friends in Dharma. By Dharma we mean Buddhist teachings.

Currently our organization is involved in numerous international activities, for example:

1) Developing online Buddhism Encyclopedias
2) Organizing annual academic Buddhist conferences
3) Developing custom designed programs and software for the benefit of Buddhism and Buddhists
4) Promote international Buddhist movements and projects

The foundation for our activities is the fact that the world is changing so fast and we see the need to create new forms of Buddhism in the 21th century. we can summarize this in 2 main concepts as globalization and rapid technological development.

Our main purpose is to unify experienced and well educated Buddhists and academics with numerous other people needed to follow the trends of time like virtual assistants, translators, interpreters, IT specialists, marketing and business development gurus and more

Our team is very multi national and transparent. Currently we have about 25 team members from volunteers to Buddhist monks to hired IT consultants.

The purpose of this advertisement is to find people who want to support Buddhism. If you are or have interest in Buddhism, please contact us and we can tell you more about how you can do something great for a tradition with 2500 years and more history. We have encountered many people who have no previous involvement in Buddhism and discovered that almost everyone can do something for this ancient tradition.

For more information please visit-

Both hired and volunteer positions are available. The only condition is- be a Dharma Friend

Interested- send us a message and ask more