Clone VPS to Amazon EC2 instance using SSH

Clone VPS to Amazon EC2 instance using SSH


Job Description

I have a working Centos 6 VPS at a provider which I have SSH root access to.
I have no privileges to make a VPS export/clone image of the VPS, so you'll need to use ssh.

I want you to clone the VPS bit by bit using SSH, upload it to a new instance at EC2 which I will provide for you, ensure all settings are changed appropriately (such as IP addresses), and ensure everything is working properly, including the Magento install.
You need to make sure it works at EC2, and then provide me with the IP address so I can

Please see below for a list of installed packages and applications in the server. You should make it all work, or your task will not be deemed complete. Please check this list before applying for this job. For example if you don't know how to make Magento work when moving it to another server, do NOT apply, it is part of your task!!

- Centos 6 64 bit
- DirectAdmin
- Magento CE 1.7.2
- Apache 2.2.x (with mod_ruid2, mod_expires, mod_deflate, Apache custom config, Http static subdomains)
- Php 5.3.10 (with modules like php imap, SOAP, XSL etc, with Ioncube Loader, with optimized php.ini settings, and phpmyadmin)
- Caching: Memcached, APC - Opcode caching, Varnish

No first timers, this should be routine stuff to you and cost you little time, (other than awaiting the complete copy transfer in the background of course), or you are not the right person.

Skills: amazon, apache, varnish, server-administration