Data Collection - Customer Locations/Information into Excel Document + Convert Document Information (pdf, xls, doc) to Excel Table

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We require an Excel Document template (provided by us) to be filled with raw business data based on locations in Australia and specific business keywords that we provide. There will be very strict parameters to follow when crawling and pulling from the internet.

The contractor will be using their skills to pull the required business information from the internet, and then placing it into the correct areas of the spreadsheet.

It will be a TWO PASS operation.

The FIRST PASS will consist of you crawling the various Australian business listing and search engines, and pulling only BUSINESS NAME and LOCATION.The file will be then given to us, and checked by upper management for viability. We will then strike out businesses we DO NOT require, and return the product to you.

The SECOND PASS will consist of you filling in the blank headings for the businesses (email address, website, contact name, phone number, fax number). The file will then be returned to us.

You will be searching the business internet based on the locations, and with the keywords that we provide. Select keywords and business types we specify will be ignored in your search, as specified by us. Any business that matches the specific keywords and is in the required Australia location will then be placed by you into the spreadsheet, under the required headings.

We are also looking for someone who can convert raw text data from various document types (pdf, xls, doc) into a set Microsoft Excel table with set headings. This will be to provide us with strictly accurate and fully completed product listings, that can then be imported into our shopping cart website in bulk with no errors.

Key skills:
-Strong grasp of the English language
-Quick, efficient research
-Accurate data entry
-Follow instructions

The final products should match our specifications accurately, and provide us with valuable data.

If successful, the right candidate should expect many future engagements with more locations, with the same template, and following that, many other data entry projects involving Microsoft Excel, with higher workload and complexity.