HTML WordPress Programming: Click-to-Call, VCard Download, Thank-You Pages

HTML WordPress Programming: Click-to-Call, VCard Download, Thank-You Pages


Job Description

We have a website which uses WordPress.

We would like three tasks done.

The first two tasks are to add features to the "Contact Us" box which is published (as a Widget) on every page of the website:

1. Set up a click-to-call button.
2. Set up a button so visitors can download our contact information as (their choice) an Outlook Contact, vCard, or Internet Format (i.e. the choices on the pulldown menu in Outlook for forwarding an contact to someone).

3. Set up four separate "Thank You" pages which are each triggered by a different action taken using the Contact Us widget (regardless of the page of the website).

Since there are three tasks (click-to-call, vCard download, and the four thank-you pages) we propose to pay an agreed-upon portion of the total for the project as soon as each task has a demo showing it as working properly. However, each task must be completed within deadline in order to receive payment.

We expect all work on each task to be finished and ready to test within five (5) days after the task is authorized to start.
If a task is not going to be completed within deadline, we can either renegotiate to lower the payment amount for that task, or cancel the task and repost it for someone else to do.

Please *DO NOT CALL* without prior appointment. First, please provide at least three (3) references for English-speaking clients located in North America, Europe, and/or Australia/New Zealand; including both URL for the website you worked on, as well as contact information for the client.

Thank you!