Transform graphic noise map to coordinates

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We have have list of addresses in the city of Prague (~120.000) along with a raster image noise map and we need to get the noise data to the addresses to know what noise level is at each of them.

Here is the map -
We are interested in the 6 noise segments and as a side task to check for a presence of train tracks within close range (=100m) as well. The way how to do it is open to discusion, the proposed way is to attach the highest noise segment present within aprox. 50m radius from each address point.

The attached image shows sections of a real map, the noise map and example of (wrong) results in the address csv table. (they are wrong as all the addresses lie in the blue = highest = >75db segment)

The expected skills are gis software to map the address coordinates to the right positions in the image, then some programming or scripting to obtain the colors from the identified areas in the image and saving the results. With the right skills the job should take few hours to complete.

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