QA + Update Wordpress, CMS Systems and More.

QA + Update Wordpress, CMS Systems and More.


Job Description

We have a number of servers in data centres and also hosted with Amazon AWS.

There is a regular job for someone to perform an audit of these web servers, report, and perform regular updates of various Wordpress, Joomla, Tomcat and other website platforms.

The process will be to document the domains and what is installed on each, perform a security check, backup and then perform an upgrade.

Also, to provide some QA services:
* Security (file permissions)
* Backup Schedules (check and report all cron jobs)
* Documentation of backup processes (success/time to complete)
* Other web hosting tasks

We require documentation as follows:
* Report on all Wordpress, Joomla and other CMS, Tomcat and other Installations - the current version, size of installation, backup time and destination server etc.
* Write a simple plan with steps to perform these procedures.
* Report on known security flaws in each version of web installation.
* Report on each server version, a summary of available updates, current packages that have known vulnerabilities in a spreadsheet.

You will be working in JIRA.
In JIRA, the Servers have already been documented with hostnames, IP address, Linux Distro + version, notes on what is required.

You will create issues or update current issues related to the jobs for each server, upload the reports and spreadsheet to each issue, and log work against each one.

*Note that Tomcat, Joomla, Wordpress, Redmine etc are not all essential as another contractor can possibly follow your documentation to complete work on these other platforms.