Drupal Experts Required


Job Description

We are looking for quality contractors who respond in a timely manner and ask sensible questions and have a professional manner. Preferably who can work in Australian time zone. It would become easy for communication.

Work details are as follows :


Could you please make a duplicate copy of KlearPicture’s homepage? http://www.klearpicture.com.au/

And put it up here:


This will be tested against the current home page for conversions.


1. Change headline to:

KlearPicture Provides Independent Advice For First-Time Buyers In The Melbourne Area – Start With A Free, No-Obligation Phone Consultation.”

2. Change the headline on the form to:

Book Your Free, No-Obligation Phone Consultation Today

3. Change the first bullet point on the page from “Are you a 20, 30 or 40 something that knows you should be doing something but do not know how or where to start?” to “Are you a 20, 30 or 40 something that knows you should be doing something to secure your financial future but don’t know how or where to start?”

4. Add a JB below the form called “What will happen after you contact us” with the following text (in bullet points):

We will touch base to schedule an initial consultation via phone with our Managing Director, Treasha Lim.
During the call, Treasha will discuss your property investment goals and challenges.
She will also freely share her in-depth knowledge and answer any questions you may have
If she is able to help you achieve your goals, explain more about how our service works.
This call is provided without cost and obligation. This is a simple way to assess if we are a good fit for each other.

5. Add a box underneath the “Professional Memberships” box, with the following text:

Who Pays For Your Investment Property?


<<With caption below>> Using our strategies, our clients pay as little as 10% toward the holding costs of their investment property. The taxman and the tenant fund the other 90%!

6. Delete the Large Testimonial at the bottom of the page (Dave G) and replace with 5 small vertical boxes with the following testimonials. Same design as the Trent O box (delete the Trent O box from the side as it will be used on the bottom of the page instead:

“You gently guided us… not pushed us toward an agenda”

We were introduced to Klear Picture at a time when we were at a crossroad of wanting to get started with our property portfolio, but didn't know who to trust or where to begin. We found that Treasha gently guided us, not pushing us towards an agenda. Treasha assisted us and took initiative on our behalf when required, liaising with other parties making the whole transaction unbelievably smooth and we still can't believe we did it - less than 4 months later we have our first investment property.

Dave G, IT Consultant

Some more testimonials to come

7. Remove the hyperlinks from the testimonials on the page.

8. Place a call to action in a long horizontal box at the bottom of the page (in between the testimonials and the footer).

a. In the box should be a headline “Book Your Free, No-Obligation Phone Consultation Today”

b. With an orange button (on the right-side) “Have Us Contact You”.

c. The text colour should be in white.

d. The background colour of the box is to be the same shade of blue used on the homepage.

e. The button on the call to action at the bottom of the page should bring the user back to the top of the homepage where the form is on the right-side.

Skills: design