Personnel assistant

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Job Description

personnel assistant for service business that needs part-time shift-staffing for front-desk position [greeting customers and operating the complex point of sale system] and needs assistance in developing work-available system, and quality-control reporting system

part of the job is developing candidates for the front desk position; another part is interviewing them; another part is assisting with quality-monitoring function [professionals and managers would provide feedback on front desk operations to you, and you would compile this and provide summary quality-reports to supervisors]

to do this job adequately, you would need to be familiar with practices and procedures of part-time shift-staffing operations of businesses in the usa such as restaurants etc; you need to know where to post job openings and how to process them and how to evaluate fit-for-the-job and how the person then actually does the job; you can do all of this remotely; but need to have personal experience with usa operations

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