Exceptionally Creative Designer for INSANE website Design!

Exceptionally Creative Designer for INSANE website Design!


Job Description

1 Page website - and we want you to make it as out of the box as possible!
We are a social media company - and we want a 1 page website.

This is YOUR chance to showcase your creative talents to the max!
You are an ARTIST first, with creative abilities to stun the world to a standstill!


This is the one page website that will blow people away. We will give your vision wings and make it happen. We'll worry about coding and that stuff, you concentrate on making something insane that people will know you for. We want the art to become a case study of "how to blow people away" with a first impression.

Lots of work, but this is the MOST important one for now

Please reply with:
1 - Examples of your best original art (at least 3 - anything goes)
2 - One insane idea you'd like to incorporate into art design - that has never been seen before
3 - What is your favourite movie/or art/or trade ad ever - and why?(only one sentence)

Come on - be legendary!

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