Create two student number validators in PHP/Zend Framework

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

In the UK, students are given certain candidate identification numbers when sittings exams. Please can you create a validator for two different types of identification number:
1. UCI:
2. ULN:,com_studrec/task,show_file/Itemid,233/mnl,07051/href,a%5E_%5Euln.html/

The input to the validator will be a candidate number like '68199 0 01 2058 G'.

The output from the validator will be TRUE (if valid and the checksum matches) or FALSE + error message (not valid, checksum does not match).

The validator should extend Zend_Validate_Abstract.

There should be a PHP Unit test class for each validator that will take a range of known GOOD and known BAD numbers, and validate each of them successfully.