LDAP Education

LDAP Education


Job Description

We are looking for an LDAP expert, who can help us with the installation and configuration of LDAP, Kerberos, SASL, and Samba on a Centos virtual server.

The actual task are more for training on the installation, so the actual hands on will be by our staff, and the purposes of the training are to allow our Systems Administrator to not only setup this one server, but to be able to duplicate this server for recovery.

The successful candidate will be viewing our Systems Administrator's screen via GoToMeeting link provided by us. The training will be from 9 am to 3 pm PDT(GMT+8:00) over 3 days or until the server is finished, whichever is first. Training experience as well as the technical experience is required.

English speaking skills are critical, as this is real-time training.

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