Web Design Team Needed for complex site

Web Design Team Needed for complex site


Job Description

Hello, let me tell you a little bit about the website I need designed.

I need a site that will allow people to make a simple account, and a complex account.

At first, people will register their accounts with just a First/Last Name, and email address. I will need an automated message to verify the email address to complete registration, with automated verification.

Secondly, I need a forum blog, where people can write stories, comment on the blog, and comment on the comment, with automated messaging to the email addresses when comments are made.

Also, I have a database of information, which users with premium accounts can make single inquiry searches, so you would have to know how to set something like this up.

Thirdly, the site will contain many video's, and photo's, also an E-store, with a full checkout made payable to my paypal account.

There will be 2 sets of video's, demo and premium, when users login with premium accounts they can watch the full video, when users with free accounts can watch only demo's.

This is not a porn site, nor will it contain any nudity/explicit photos/videos.

Skills: design, video, paypal

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