Chicago Trip

Chicago Trip


Job Description

Hi there,

I am planning to go to Chicago for the first time from Jun 13 - Jun 19, 2013.

I need someone who can research the following:
1. good "local" restaurants for lunch, dinner, and brunch
2. awesome bars (with great atmosphere, great crowd, and great happy hour deal)
3. attractions, architectures, and/or museums that I must see during the day and at night

Please be budget conscious but not necessarily you need to be a cheap in planning the details as well.

Please provide at least 2 plans for each day and please provide estimated budget per plan (i.e: take a bus ~ $2-$5, go to X museum ~ admission cost $35-$50, lunch at X restaurant ~ $25-$50). In that way, I decide if your plan makes sense or not.

have fun and just plan it as this is your own trip!

Contact me for further inquiry.