Product (Beauty Soap) Packaging Box Flyer Brochure Web Design

Product (Beauty Soap) Packaging Box Flyer Brochure Web Design


Job Description

We are looking for a talented Graphic Designer who will be responsible for creating compelling and innovative visual design solutions. Here's what you need to know.

Your responsibilities:

- Understand business and user requirements
- Translate requirements into highly engaging and compelling design concepts
- Effectively conceptualize, design and create high-quality visuals in a variety of formats

Your qualifications:

- Strong grasp of visual design principles, information design, typography, color, imagery and iconography
- Compelling portfolio that demonstrates elegant and innovative visual design
- A complete Elance profile
- Excellent Product Branding Portfolio building expertises
- Payment Via Bank Transfers
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Job Description:

Exclusive and Attractive Eye Catching Marketing tool (Flyer brochure Poster) Required for Beauty Soap.

Find all details at:

1) Soap Box Packaging Design.
2) Flyer / Brochure & Poster:
3) Web Design

Key Points to Attract by Eye catching Display is:

Flyer / Brochure & Poster:
1. Ingredients which are Natural Herbs.
2. Benefits of all ingredients. Details on
3. Color scheme Design must be exclusive.
4. Brochure Size and designing have to be suggested together.
5. Most likely not to include complete Faces.
6. To focus soap is multi purpose. Exclusive for skin hair and scalp together.
details. Main focus area:

Hair Conditioner
Split ends
Shine Enhancer
Hair Growth
Damaged Hair repair
Stronger hair
Dry & Flaky Hair
Frizzy Hair

Curing Blackheads
Prevents Dryness & Spots
Clean Pores
Renew Skin Cell
Remove Dead Skin Cells
Wrinkle & Aging
Tense Muscles
Soothe Burns
Skin irritation hydrating
inflamed skin
Healthy glow

Along Product Posters and related designs.

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