Generate lists of tasks for field reporters

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Job Description

We are sending a number of *amateur* field reporters to Austin, TX next week to report on what is happening there before a big festival called SXSW.

We want to produce a number of fun articles in the form of lists. Similar to what you might find in

We have the headlines of the articles (e.g., "6 ways in which the locals get ready for the SXSW crowd"), your job is to produce a set of small tasks needed for the field reporters to generate the necessary to write such article. Imagine they are your reporters, what small tasks would you ask them to perform?

Be aware that the field reporters are amateur, and will be sending very small bits of content (images and text) from their phones. So the tasks have to be very concrete and small. The hope is that in aggregate they can provide the raw material for writing an interesting story.

The tasks have to be very direct and very short. They will appear on the reporter's phones. Examples of tasks:

* Take a photo of a food truck
* Ask the food truck chef what s/he expects from SXSW this year.

Here are the headlines for which we want you to generate the tasks (about 10 for each) . Imagine you have an army of on the ground reporters!

* 9 things you didn't know about food trucks at SXSW
* 7 interesting people you hadn't heard of before SXSWedu
* 7 surprising things people learned at SXSWedu
* 6 ways in which the locals get ready for the SXSW crowd
* 5 secrets about biking in Austin during SXSW