Front-end developer test project

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are hiring a front-end web developer to support our existing back-end developer in the creation of a new web application. If this assignment goes well there is potential for follow-on, long-term work.

We'd like you to build a carousel which incorporates real weather data. Please take the data from YQL and pick a few cities from around the world - here's an example feed.

The carousel should have the following features:

1. At least four or five slides

2. Left/right arrows

3. "Blobs" at the bottom which take you directly to a slide

4. Some form of animation between the different carousel slides

5. Do not use an existing carousel plugin (eg. a jQuery plugin) and do not adapt your code from one

We're looking for:

good, clean, semantic HTML5 markup

excellent understanding of object-oriented JavaScript

appropriate use of jQuery (or similar)

weather data should be presented meaningfully, like a real weather app

Extra points for:

tasteful design

good use of CSS3 animations

use of a framework like Backbone or Ember

use of Sass, Mustache, Coffeescript, or anything new, fun, or interesting :-)

IMPORTANT: In the first line of your bid please include "I read your proposal." I know it's a little harsh but I really want genuine considered bids so will discard any bid that doesn't have this in the first line.

Skills: test, design