Need a programmer that is proficient in Python

Need a programmer that is proficient in Python


Job Description

We have a simple program that needs edited in Python. We need a few functions added to a program that is already written. To a skilled programmer this should take no time at all. We need this completed in the next 2 hours! You will need to start work immediately!


The task at hand is to compute and report the grades for a class, showing the class average
grade and letter grade at the end of the report. You will be adding to an incomplete program.
Each student’s final grade is computed based on the number of points earned on exams,
homework assignments, and projects. Points are derived as follows:
There are four exams, each of which earns a grade of 0 to 100. The exams together count 40 percent of the grade.
There are five homework assignments, each graded from 0 to 10. The assignments together contribute 10 percent.
There are three projects, which receive grades from 0 to 150. They account for the remaining 50 percent. All scores will be whole numbers, although the portion of the student’s grade derived from
any category may include a fraction. Letter grades will follow the “traditional” 60-70-80-90 scheme.
Example: a student who has exam scores of 75, 90, 60, and 75 will earn 300 out of 400 exam
points, and thus get three-quarters of the 40 percent for exams, (0.75 * 40) which is 30.
The student’s homework points will be derived by computing the average of the grades (so
if the student averages 5 out of 10, then the homework contribution to the student’s total
score is 5).
Computing the contribution from projects requires multiplying the sum of the three scores
by 50/450 to generate a value from zero to 50. Adding the three components of the grade
(homework points + exam points + project points) will yield a number from zero to 100 for
the student’s final grade.

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