Job Description

Project Type: Website Development and Design
Do you consider or to be Websites or Applications?

My website project involves some very basic elements of both and However, it is unique in its own right, so unique that it warranted a software patent. Below you’ll see some answers to questions that you may or may not have but I think it is a good idea to lay them out either way.

1. What am I looking for?
I am looking for a developer or team of developers who can bring my project to life and assist me in making changes as new idea come to mind. I am looking for collaboration at its finest.
2. What are the major goals of the site?
The major goals of the site are to bring new opportunities and experiences to someone who may not ever had an access to them.
3. What will the website be about?
Without going into detail, the website is about providing a gateway for buyers and sellers.
4. What is the audience of the site?

The audience of the website will be anyone who enjoys time out of the home with their friends, family and being treated with the utmost special treatment.

5. Why will this website be different?

It is a new twist to free enterprise and access to hard to find experiences.

6. Do you want an mobile app associated with the website?

Absolutely! I want the mobile app to eventually take over the majority of the traffic to the site.

7. What do I want to have done?
This is a difficult question to answer at this point. I know that the site will become very dynamic and exciting over time, so to specify what exactly what I want today will only eventually change tomorrow.
We can discuss in further detail at a later date.